Welcoming Afghan Allies


Stories from across the Heartland of Americans giving friendship, community, and support to Afghans in danger.

Bridging the Gap for Refugees

Afghan refugees heading for Illinois have a caring and devoted community awaiting them. It is estimated that a total of 3,000 Afghans may end up calling Illinois home. As of February 1, more than 1,890 Afghans have already resettled in Illinois since last fall’s evacuation of Afghanistan.

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Serving Again: American Veterans Welcome Afghan Allies

As Afghan interpreters, allies, and their families seek refuge in the United States following America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, communities across the nation are answering the call to create a new home for these families who have given up so much. In the Heartland, cities like Columbus, Ohio are leading the way.

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From Afghanistan to America’s Dairyland: How Wisconsin is Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Afghan Refugees

America’s Dairyland and Afghanistan may be as close to polar opposites as one can imagine. However, in the aftermath of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan in mid-2021, Wisconsinites have stepped up to help Afghan refugees begin a new life in America.

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A New Future: One Afghan Family’s Journey to the Cornhusker State

When Farooq and his family landed in Omaha, they had a home single-handedly furnished by the Omaha-based non-profit The Furniture Project and hundreds of Nebraskans eager to donate food, clothing, labor, and cash to the family. Omar was even able to get a medical appointment at the Omaha Children’s Hospital the next day. While the family still has a long road ahead of them, they know friends in Nebraska will be there to support them.

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Northeast Ohio Leaders Helping Afghan Refugees Reach Safety

Leaders in Northeast Ohio are taking the Afghan crisis into their own hands. Ohio Advisory Committee members, Ambassador Jennifer Brush and Global Ties Akron Executive Director, Michelle Wilson, have teamed up to assist Afghan refugees with evacuation and resettlement.

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